Join the movement

Whether you're an architect, designer, business leader or wellness advocate, getting involved with the WELL community signals to employees, clients and your community that their health is your priority.


WELL Faculty members play a leading role in our movement to transform the places where we live, learn, work, play. Our WELL Faculty members possess the depth of knowledge and breadth of experience that make them highly sought after presenters, instructors and facilitators.

Benefits include:

Connectivity to a global network of professionals pioneering a new frontier of healthy buildings

Visibility at events and client engagements

Direct access to instructional resources, monthly faculty briefings and a faculty training program


To apply as WELL Faculty, applicants must possess:

I have always been an environmentalist and very health and fitness conscious, so I was drawn to the WELL Building Standard immediately when I understood the powerful intention of bringing health and wellness to the places where we spend most of our time.

Elaine Aye
Associate / Regional Manager, Green Building Services

It seems my whole professional career has prepared me for being a part of WELL Faculty. Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to train and present to industry on topics I've been passionate about - first as a WELL AP and now as WELL Faculty.

Emine Mehmet

My understanding of ergonomics within the office environment and how important it is to move during the workday created the platform for my focus on health and well-being and ultimately led me to WELL.

Paul Anderson
Associate Principal, Studio Director, TCA Architects, Inc.

Decades of construction management experience, working with USGBC and teaching at local universities prepared me to analyze questions and give the right answers during my presentations on WELL.

Joseph Marfi
Director of Sustainable Design & Construction, Southwest USA