IWBI's member movement

IWBI's member movement

Thursday, April 4, 2019
/ By:
Rick Fedrizzi

Letters from Rick

“The thing about light is that it really isn’t yours; it’s what you gather and shine back. And it gets more power from reflectiveness; if you sit still and take it in, it fills your cup, and then you can give it off yourself.” - Anne Lamott

The idea seems so obvious. The places where we’ve all been getting ready each morning, spending eight-plus hours at the office with our colleagues, eating dinner, shopping for groceries, receiving our check-ups, and laying our head down at night can impact our baseline well-being. We exist in these spaces every day, and many people think of them as just that: the background to our existence, the usual suspects of our lives, like movie sets where our days play out. But when that switch flips, people realize how much ability they have to make positive change. They look at their homes and offices as vehicles that can enhance their health - and that’s exactly what the places and spaces where we spend our lives have the power to do.

At IWBI, we’ve been fortunate to work alongside so many WELL users, health advocates and long-time champions of this shared mission. These are individuals and organizations who have dedicated their careers to shedding that light across every inch and into every corner of this planet. That genuine intent to spread awareness for the good of people everywhere is what separates a career or a business from a bonafide movement. There’s no doubt in my mind that we’re in the midst of one of the most significant global public health revolutions of recent times.

The next step in our movement is uniting our collective intentions with more cohesion and transparency than ever. We want a platform for collaboration, to celebrate our individual and shared wins, and drive positive change together. The new IWBI membership program that launches today is our leadership forum for doing exactly that.

IWBI membership is a way for organizations to connect in an official capacity to the WELL movement, underscoring their leadership in this “second wave” of sustainability. Our team worked directly with the WELL community to identify a suite of benefits to help you accomplish your important work in this arena with more speed and efficiency than ever before. Many of these community members joined our early adopter round of membership last month, and I’m extremely proud to welcome them to the IWBI member network.

There are two tiers of membership, at different price points, so that you can select the best fit for your organizational goals. Member benefits include discounts on the WELL Certification process and WELL AP credentialing, specialized opportunities to publicize your accomplishments, and touchpoints with IWBI leadership and the broader community through annual events and digital engagement. The program creates pathways for WELL advocates and champions to stay connected, share best practices, explore new shared initiatives, and receive greater recognition for these efforts. I invite you to learn more about membership, and dig into the range of benefits.


We have more work to do and more lightbulb moments to catalyze, and IWBI membership is a key vehicle for getting us there. We hope you’ll join us in this next chapter of sustaining and energizing a movement with the capacity to change the world. Companies joining the IWBI member program by April 30, 2019, will be featured among our early adopters for as long as they remain. 

Thank you for contributing to this mission and movement in so many ways - through your efforts to innovate, educate, volunteer and build. The diverse people and leadership organizations who are driving this important work forward prove that strength in numbers is not a cliche, it’s a strategy. Together, we can do more, shed more light, and help more people thrive.