Jumpstart your WELL AP Exam Prep this June

Jumpstart your WELL AP Exam Prep this June

Friday, May 26, 2017
/ By:
Julie Skodowski


Are you passionate about the intersection between human health and buildings? WELL APs are advancing the healthy building movement by supporting WELL Certification efforts around the world. More importantly, they serve as agents of change for public health, all while expanding their leadership skills and professional expertise.

Here are our top five ways to start preparing for your WELL AP credential:

Take a course to help keep you on track – Everyone usually has high hopes when tackling a new professional opportunity, like the WELL AP exam. You’re excited to learn something new and thrilled at the prospect of advancing your resume and career. Then, a few weeks pass, and studying and advancing your goal can feel more arduous - especially during summer months. (Study time, or kayaking trip?...) Make your exam prep easy by registering for this nine-part WELL AP exam prep webcast series,. created by GBS and RWDI and delivered by WELL Faculty. The series runs June 12 to July 7, but don’t worry if you have that summer trip planned, the 90 minute sessions will be recorded so you’ll be able to jump right back in.

Find a study mentor –We’re all more likely to follow through if there’s someone to hold us accountable. Ask a WELL AP at your company for support, or peruse the WELL community to locate a WELL AP near you who can help pave the way to exam day.

Set goals –Access and familiarize yourself with WELL AP study resources, divide all the materials into digestible units, planning your group or self-study sessions accordingly. Don’t forget to create reminders and mark study sessions and your exam date on the calendar.

Keep your eye on the prize – Visualize success by identifying ways the WELL AP credential will help you grow professionally, demonstrate leadership, get promoted and help people live happier and healthier lives. Your new credential will help you become a wellness advocate at work and in your personal life.

Get excited – To lead a growing movement.