WELL in 2019: Our aspirations for the next global transformation

WELL in 2019: Our aspirations for the next global transformation

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
/ By:
Rick Fedrizzi

Letters from Rick

At IWBI, we’ve discovered that momentum has its own rewards.

2018 was remarkable for us in every way. We registered more than 134 million square feet—12 million square meters—of WELL project space, which is 108% growth from 2017. Of this, almost half came from portfolios and returning clients, with the rest being individual projects.  We supported 82 projects through to certification, which is a 78% increase from 2017. Certified square footage has grown 203% since 2017.

We recorded our most successful month for WELL AP registrations, with more than 1,000 sign-ups in November, and crossed the 7,000 mark for WELL APs and aspirants in 79 countries.  

I encourage you to browse our 2018 report, which features the people, projects, numbers and moments that defined our year and are driving our team forward into 2019 with optimism and energy for the future.


I mention all this only to note that we’re striding into 2019 ready to eclipse these metrics by significant margins. Launching WELL v2, introducing the WELL Portfolio program for existing buildings, expanding our geographic footprint, and crossing some big adoption milestones across industries and sectors set the stage for what is already proving to be a remarkable year.

Being able to do it all from our new Madison Square Park headquarters, with the support of global outposts in Australia, Asia and Europe, is the icing on the cake.

We’re not limiting our world view just to these metrics; more important to us is finding more ways to demonstrate their value and increase their impact. Over the next few months, you’ll have the opportunity to join us at even more local events, where we can take advantage of your feedback on both WELL as a rating system and IWBI as a market leader.

We’ve just announced the upcoming public comment platform for WELL v2, which provides us a more formal way to capture input for improving the rating system and enhancing its usability. We’re continuing our popular roundtables adjacent to industry events already on your calendar, and beginning to set up our own WELL-driven events in several global markets. These additional engagement opportunities are essential not only to the rating system’s development, but also because it helps us educate and inspire others to join our global movement.

Formal governance for the rating system continues to be a top priority and we’re looking forward to seating our first governance body to coincide with WELL v2 coming out of pilot. This augments the tremendous subject matter advisories who have already given us valuable insight into each of the concepts that define WELL.

I’m most excited about the exploding interest in our WELL Portfolio pilot pathway, which will come out of pilot and be open to full market participation shortly. We’ve received invaluable guidance from the market’s top global real estate developers and corporate owners and occupiers about implementing wellness cultures at scale. By rewarding achievement at milestones along the way, but still committing to the asset level performance verification that makes WELL the preferred choice of leaders, we see tremendous participation ahead.  

There’s a lot more coming, and we’ll keep you posted across our multiple platforms and people-focused initiatives. Our shared vision of better buildings and communities that help people thrive is how we contribute every day. Thanks to you, we’re on the cusp of the next global transformation, one that puts the people we care about squarely in the center of a healthier future.