2019 One Health One Planet™ Symposium

14 Mar 2019

2019 One Health One Planet™ Symposium

in Pittsburgh, PA US

Join hundreds of attendees in addressing the effects of food systems, habits and culture on human, animal and environmental health at the 2019 One Health One Planet™ Symposium to be held March 13 – 14, 2019 at Phipps. This year’s symposium theme is “One Health and the Future of Food”, as experts from healthcare, environmental, veterinary and other disciplines will share groundbreaking new insights on the human, animal and ecological impacts of food and diet, including large-scale agriculture, plant-based diets and diet trends, antibiotics and pesticides in foods and more. Organizational leaders, M.D.s, D.V.M.s, public health specialists, ecologists, scientists, researchers, students and anyone who is interested in exploring the intersection of human and environmental health are invited to attend. Together with our expert panelists, we will seek to answer these and other questions:

How do our diets impact human and environmental health?
How do our food systems affect environmental processes?
What are the agricultural impacts of climate change?
What are the direct impacts of plant-rich diets on human and non-human health?
How can the future of food embrace One Health solutions?

Hosted by
Phipps Conservatory
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1 Schenley Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
United States