ASHRAE SoCal: Panel discussion on sustainability

02 Apr 2019

ASHRAE SoCal: Panel discussion on sustainability

in Los Angeles, CA US
TAIX French Restaurant

The April ASHRAE Meeting program present a panel discussion on the topic of Sustainability, specifically the measurement and reporting of sustainability and energy efficiency measures. We will have three panelists speaking to three separate sustainability programs, two of which you have probably heard, and one, not so much: LEED, Building EQ, and Well Buildings.

Each panelist will discuss the highlights of the sustainability program, what it is intended to measure, how measurement is performed, and what specific benefits are to be gained by the building owner and, by extension, society sustainability objectives. We will conclude the discussion by addressing what works, what could improve, and anticipated program changes.

This will be a valuable program for engineers, contractors, and suppliers to understand how best apply each program’s benefit when discussing designs, construction and material selection with owners.

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1911 Sunset Blvd
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