Green Build Conference 2019: Building a Sustainable Future

27 Jun 2019

Green Build Conference 2019: Building a Sustainable Future

in Petaling Jaya, MY
One World Hotel

In collaboration with REHDA Institute (RI), GreenRE brings to you the inaugural Green Build Conference 2019 (GBC 2019). GBC 2019 is a sustainable built environment focused forum with participation from various influential speakers and industry renowned experts who have made an impact in the sustainable real estate industry. With climate change having an undeniable impact on the way we plan and manage cities, buildings and construction projects will need to take into account all available technologies and best practices to ensure a cleaner and greener environment.

It will be an exciting platform for delegates and like-minded people to expand their knowledge by learning new strategies, the latest cutting-edge innovations and gain valuable industry insights. With forums such as Building a Case for Green Buildings and Financing Sustainable Buildings and Sustainability Reporting it is a highly anticipated forum.


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GreenRE & REHDA Institute
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Petaling Jaya