Workplace Scandinavia Summit - Wellness Keynote Session

15 May 2019

Workplace Scandinavia Summit - Wellness Keynote Session

in Oslo, NO
Scandic St. Olavs Plass

Join Martine Kroge, WELL AP, CBRE Oslo as she delivers the Wellness Keynote Session (11:30) at the Workplace Scandinavia Summit 2019 (8:00-16:00).

WELL Building Standard and Wellness in the Workplace

Learn about this holistic framework that helps organisations win business by putting people first.

  • The new trend of wellness in the workplace 

  • The WELL Building Standard

  • Business advantages of WELL and wellness for landlords and employees

  • Success stories and implementation cases among CBRE's clients

Workplace Scandinavia Summit / Nordic Workplace Evolution Summit is a series of Nordic specific business networking events designed for workplace professionals with profound interest for innovation and digital change.

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Oxbridge Live Media
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Scandic St. Olavs Plass
St. Olavs plass 1
0165 Oslo